ABLE INFOTECH  is an emerging company that deals in Cyber Security.

We can test your website for known vulnerabilities and security holes. We will do penetration testing and load testing for your website and online applications to ensure the safety of your data and your business. We employ ethical hackers and have a network of security consultants and hackers that advise us on website security best practices.

Newer vulnerabilities are found daily and hence it makes website security testing and compliance a constant task that must be performed regularly. As operating systems and scripting codes become older, hackers find newer ways to penetrate into your system. Some of the known threats that we can protect and consult you on include:

  • X-site scripting
  • SQL Injections
  • Classic Buffer Overflow
  • Poor access control definitions
  • Using unsecure FTP and not SFTP
  • OS Command injection
  • Hard coded scripting methods
  • PHP File inclusion

The vulnerability can be in the OS, your application server or within the code of the custom application, we will review and prepare a through vulnerability report, suggest remedy and will maintain your servers and applications.